engagement at the park, and the sprinklers!


where do i start!? Danette Chappell of Amberlight Collective asked me to come along for this engagement session and i'm so thankful i could! these two were absolutely amazing to say the least.  

I knew Heidi from the chapel i worked at, and felt so lucky to help photograph this gorgeous couple. As soon as i got home, i had to tell my husband about the shoot and his reaction was "i met him once! He was really awesome!" My husband even knows it's a great shoot when i won't stop talking about it and bragging about the couple, this was one of those times. Not only are they completely photogenic and fun.. but DARING too! We ended the shoot by running in the sprinklers, and Bojo got the most daring by doing a nice little dance in one of them. After that, Danette and i couldn't resist.. we might have done a run through! That's when Bojo and Heidi became the photographers for a moment too. But these photos are all about these two! 

So here's a few to show off how cute they are and those eyes. seriously! 


getting to know how the couple met, and seeing them interact during their e-session is one of my favorite things about being a photographer! It's what inspires me during the shoot, showing off who they are together as a couple. This session was no exception, Bojo was definitely loving all the kissing they got to do, and really all the photos in general :) thank you two for being great even with two crazy girls and their cameras in your face. 

So thank you Danette  for letting me come along, you're a pretty awesome friend and shooting with you is always WAY too much fun!   

have i mentioned... i love love.