Audrina's first Christmas!- Aliante Discovery park

Sweet baby girl Audrina!
i was so excited to see Audrina again! the last time i got to see this chubby cheek adorable girl was in June! If you don't remember.. here some photos from then, click HERE. And of course before she was born, i photographed Jordan and Kenna, and boy was Kenna a gorgeous woman with her bump! you can check those out again HERE
This time we all met at Aliante and dodged the sprinklers which is always an adventure. they turned out so cute! One of my favorites is this first one with those big eyes and cheeks showing! not to mention her minnie mouse first Christmas

Audrina wasn't nearly as entertained as we were. but.. it's still cute
she was giving me quite the facial expressions.. and then looked like she kissed her minnie mouse. she's just beautiful! especially with that santa hat ;)  
Audrina did so good even with us moving spots when sprinklers were moving all around, and she let us know near the end she was a sleepy girl, practically falling asleep in the box. 
i always love catching up with Kenna and jordan and seeing their beautiful daughter growing so big! though.. i didn't squeeze those cheeks enough. next time!