craving chocolate- kenna's maternity!

I couldn't wait any longer! there are so many fabulous photos of these two, but i wanted to show a few of each location. If you read the previous post, a little sneak peek, which you can check out again here.. then you know how much i really loved Kenna! you also know we started out at Serendipity for a little lunch and ice cream and then out to the dry lake beds! 

She had her fabulous ring so, i had to use it! We enjoyed some frozen hot chocolate, root beer float, and nachos. yummy! 

If you're looking for some beautiful invitations, check out Blush Invitations. Kenna is the owner of this company, not to mention how we met!

what i really enjoyed is how much fun they had together. Jordan did a great job making Kenna laugh, and then of course they both had amazing smiles! 

Then started the paint fight! 

thank you Kenna and Jordan for letting me photograph you two and the baby bump! you are absolutely beautiful, and we need to get together so you can see all the rest! yeah! i might have gotten carried away for showing so many.. but i couldn't help myself!  

i hope you are all enjoying your sunday!