Kenna- sneak peek baby bump!

talk about an absolutely GORGEOUS mother to be. We all met yesterday at Serendipity 3, a fantastic place to grab some ice cream, nachos and chat a bit before we head out to the dry lake bed! Kenna and i have been talking for a few months, when i found her fabulous wedding invitations. check them out.. here

we decided that it was finally time to do this shoot we had been planning! we hadn't met until yesterday and i have got to say again, seriously she looks phenomenal. so here's a little sneak peek, her idea turned out to actually be my favorite! we caught the sun just in time for these

what a fun couple. i'm so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph them! They had so much fun with it, and loved to be able to sit down and talk before too! not to mention.. seriously delicious frozen hot chocolate. 

more to come!