Celebrating our 2nd anniversary at the wynn!

Yesterday was a perfect day! i woke up to a big victoria's secret waiting for me on the counter. it was a huge surprise because we had gone shopping recently and decided against any gifts. it was full of pretty things, i was so excited! he went to work for a bit, and i secretly thought the night before i might go buy a gift. so i did! i went off to caesar's palace to pick up a few things, then headed home. Brandon got off work early and we had the chance to watch one of our favorite shows. Game of Thrones! Then we got ready then headed to the wynn for dinner at the lakeside cafe. 

It's a goal of ours to slowly eat at some of the more fancy restaurants around town, mostly for special occasions and when people come into town, we'll have recommendations. It was beautiful! 

before making reservations, brandon did a good job of  researching.. mostly because i'm not a huge fan of seafood, so he found out there was filet mignon.. he knew i'd be up for it! so that's what i got.. like usual. and he tried the swordfish. 

i actually hadn't eaten much in a few days, so i had plenty of room.. it was FABULOUS. we also got two sides to share. and here's the crab mac and cheese.. yes i ate around the crab. 

we had room for dessert somehow! and ordered this butterscotch, and HOLY CRAP it was amazing!! and since we told our waiter it was our 2nd anniversary, he brought out delicious cupcakes too!! 

we stayed a little late to watch the fun water show.. we got the frog. haha it was fun 

we didn't get a perfect photo together, but had so much fun laughing, and enjoying each other. we bought my dress the other day!- and i wore my wedding shoes, and used my wedding purse too. it was such a special date night, and i'm glad i asked off work to hang out with this guy :)

These might not be the best quality, but i wanted to share with you our 2nd anniversary and our fun date out. we're thinking more adventures out of state for future celebrations, but this was perfect for now. do you have any fun traditions with your spouse!? or a fun adventure to help celebrate? 

and yes i'm still working hard on Kenna's photos.. promise they'll come soon!