five things.

i admit it.
i've been extra motivated lately! Last week i happened upon a blog that i now can say.. i've become obsessed with! Alex Beadon. gorgeous, upbeat girl who used to photograph weddings, now she focuses on helping other photographers, not to mention a weekly video on all things business. and super great site. check it out. stalk. become obsessed. she has some useful tips and beautiful work- click on the photo below to go right to her site! 
i know i've bragged about Florabella collection before.. where i purchase Photoshop actions! but thought i'd share again in case you missed it! yes this is even for all you non-photographers too! always good to know what  products we're using. anyway, what i love about these collections.. (still saving up for some!) is how flexible they can be with mixing and matching. aside from actions, i of course have my own way of editing every photo too and mostly those steps are ones learned from other fabulous photographers! 
so it's important for your photographer to create some beautiful photographs using their great eye, equipment, lightroom and Photoshop skills. so why do so many offer photos and push to sell through their pro-printing companies? here's a great example to see! i know sometimes last minute, you just want the photo in hand. but more and more businesses are making it easier for the photographs to land right on your doorstep, packaged and at its' best color! i admit while in college, i still used wal-mart. but after searching for a wonderful lab, prices really aren't much more! something to always think about and completely accurate! i did an experiment printing the same image and so many times colors were way off. ick! so really.. we want the work at its best! especially if displaying in the home :) 
since i'm sharing some products i use, thought i'd share where some inspiration is from! so many of us have blogs we follow, or sites we look at to check on updates. as a wedding photographer, most of the blogs i follow are dealing with weddings! shocking. :) but one of the first blogs i fell in love with was cupcakes and cashmere. a fashion and recipe blog that just is all girl! It's something that gives me a different perspective and great ideas! A lot of the wedding blogs are becoming more similar only seeing rustic weddings so this blog is refreshing with new content along with some vintage feel! 
and my fifth thing.. getting coffee, catching up, and snapping a few photos.. what else?! I worked with Mike at the chapel and his little stud is Kane. although.. he wasn't sure about me, the entire time. my nickname- shannamonster. thanks mike. so this last is encouragement for you shooters! go hang out, get off the computer and create something meaningful and beautiful. 
another PLUG- there are still a few available spots for the las vegas boudoir event! seriously perfect for valentines day! click HERE for details. 
i can't believe Christmas is almost here! i'm so excited! My sister is coming to visit. thought i'd share that! i hope you're having a great day, and don't be afraid to comment below and share some of your favorites blogs, websites or places you go for inspiration! happy Wednesday!