Christmas at Red Rock

Gorgeous friends and adventurous!
red rock_las_vegas
I met Angel through her husband and my husband being friends! they're such a wonderful couple, so wonderful we got some pizza hut afterward and relaxed. it was a great night!
Angel goes hiking a lot, and wanted to show off some of the beauty that Las Vegas has so we headed to Red Rock with their puppy Kona too! so here's a few shots we got walking around, getting dusty, and getting a light workout in!  

one of my faves! 
see what i mean adventurous! they did some good climbing, even in her cute boots!
it was the first time i got to photograph these two amazing people! i'm so glad we were able to make it work and quickly get in some Christmas cards.. which we finished yesterday.. shwhew! 
i'd love to hear about your adventures in photography, or what you had to do to get some great shots! 
OH- a little update!-- i posted yesterday to call and book a session before changes in prices kick in. so call or email before January 1st to get your session!