happy birthday to my puppies!

best of both worlds! A personal project showing off my "kids" with photos. yippie! it was Murphy and Conner's birthday yesterday. technically, Murphy is 2 and we aren't sure of Conner's so we celebrate.. he's 3! 
honestly, i have NO idea how i got any shots alone. i was definitely sweating getting back far enough and close enough for treats and getting the shot. it was quite the shoot! the first shot is what i like to call "step brothers."- please get my reference.
Last year when Brandon could join puppies and me for a birthday adventure we went out to find treats and then a hike. Today, when i got home from my shoot, i took them out to a doggy store to find a special treat and an outfit... suckers. Although they don't seem to hate me, they are in fact laying right next to me so i think i'm still in the clear. 

those last few shots were quick! as soon as i brought in the special cookie, things got hectic! whew! but we did it. my dorky birthday photos of my boys! 
it's a tradition that i'm going to try every year. set aside some time to make sure and get photographs of them, and always, a special birthday adventure! 
i know there are TONS of photos of these two little pups, but it's not often i set up anything with the good camera (aside from Christmas photos!) as soon as i showed brandon, he laughed too. goal accomplished. so, do you all have any traditions for your pets? and share your favorite image from above! I wanted to share a glimpse into a special day here in the Magnuson home. have a wonderful Tuesday!