Christmas at the park

i'm so blessed to have such photogenic beautiful friends! (who also let me try new fun stuff with them!) i met the gorgeous Tonya through our husbands, who work together and since then have lots of fun drinking egg nog, pool parties and mostly.. lots of talking!  
This year's family Christmas photo adventures weren't quite as crazy as last year, but i love how they turned out! Last year, we went up to mt. Charleston in pajamas and had a more relaxed feel. tons of fun, even the part where yes.. mike fell on the ice holding a couch. If you want to see last year's photos, click HERE. Although this year, we were ready with fake snow for the kids to throw, which made big smiles pop out! 
i couldn't help but share a ton! but i'll be putting more on facebook soon, so if you want to follow davista and become a fan, click here.

i absolutely LOVE the last one. awww. sweet couples. how hard tonya is laughing and how mike looks at her. have i mentioned lately.... i love love. we found these sweet outfits together too, so i knew i was going to have to photograph those cute red shoes! 
i hope you're all having wonderful monday, and it's not too late for those Christmas photos, and don't forget about prints for the family!