Floyd Lamb Park- Big Family Get-Together!

this is such a fabulous family!- they all start out saying they're not into photos, but even the guys did great! we got lots of smiley ones of the cute kids, and real laughs from everyone. i couldn't be happier!
we met up at Floyd Lamb Park while almost everyone was in town for Easter. You might recognize hot mama Nicole, not too long ago we did maternity photos and she looks so fantastic! 
i wanted to keep showing more, but i had to limit myself after a while :) so stay tuned for more on facebook! Here's a few of this fun family who look like their pros at getting their photo taken. 
see what i mean? PRO. 
I love this couple below. He started out saying how he hates photos, but smooching on his girl and helped, he may have ended up skipping down the sidewalk. maybe. ;) 
Look at these gorgeous girls!-including mom too! Such models. 
These two are getting married soon! 

whew! before kids (and men) got too sick of me, we grabbed a group shot. 
I'm so happy with every shot we got, and am so glad we were able to plan it all! I love when families come into town to capture their time together. Thank you all for letting me be bossy for a bit! you all did wonderful!