Ted Craig Regional Park California- Reception

David and Valerie's Pre-Wedding Fiesta!
Such a beautiful day At Ted Craig Regional Park in California. Brandon and i pulled into the park and without even seeing someone i recognized, i saw the decorations and knew immediately where David and Valerie's Pre Wedding Fiesta was! it was so gorgeous, colorful, and full of the most delicious snacks i couldn't stop photographing (and then eating...) 
i had the opportunity to photograph David and Valerie's engagement photos last summer, click HERE to check them out again! I can't say enough wonderful things about these two as a couple, and now that I've met their family how great they are too! 

There was not a detail that went unnoticed. Two beautiful (and seriously tasty raspberry mousse) cakes, candies, treats, decor and AMAZING food. Their families came together and really made this event absolutely perfect. They started at 8 am to get it all set up! 
these two gorgeous were in just a FEW photos! and i wish i could show them all! there are so many fabulous moments! 
mustache chocolates were a HUGE hit! i think i photographed almost everyone who picked up these yummy treats! so much fun! 
it was such a beautiful day, full of laughter, friends and family. I immediately felt like family as soon as i arrived, and am so thankful i was able to be there to celebrate this day! I only wish i could fit in that suitcase and go to Columbia to see your perfect wedding day! Congratulations you two, i will be praying for your wonderful marriage.