Engagement Photos at Diego's and Lake Las Vegas!

David and Valerie are such a beautiful couple! They had the idea of engagement photos in the restaurant Diego in the MGM where they met dancing! It was a perfect place especially because it was closed so we had the place to roam around and even jump up on the bar. They also decided on Lake Las Vegas to have a good variety, and it was a gorgeous day. 

Hearing about their engagement story was one of my favorites. David planned such a beautiful time and yes you did have a perfect ring for her! 

David got Valerie laughing the entire time, mostly by teasing her and she'd giggle and they would look at each other so cute! 

Valerie you looked absolutely stunning and i love how you look over at him. one of my favorites are this last one! (another is the first!)

so leave some love all just below where it says.. comment! what is your favorite?