Las Vegas Strip!- Bellagio & Cosmo

Jonathan and Kate came from Canada to spend some time together! They got married almost two months ago and since they were going to be coming here.. they thought about getting some fun Vegas photos! 
Immediately i felt close with these two! Tons of personality, always laughing having fun and maybe... a little goofy too ;) I had such a blast with this couple. 
We started at the Bellagio where they were staying and headed around to the Cosmopolitan too. We decided to take a break there and buy some drinks.. which is why we got to keep shooting there! whew! 
These two were so adventurous; jumping on couches and YES-- going in one of the fountains at the bellagio.. shhhh! 
I could've spent all day photographing this beautiful couple, they made my job so easy having fun together and giggling constantly.. so much love between these newlyweds! Thank you guys for taking time while you were here and letting me photograph you! Enjoy going home and cooling down a bit! ahhh! i'm so excited to share the rest!