Beautiful Maternity Photos, Wetlands Park Las vegas- Tierney & Travis

Sunrise Maternity photographs at Wetlands Park in Las Vegas. It was a lovely morning and I felt so honored to photograph Tierney and Travis. I knew them  both when i lived there, and always love catching up. Beautiful souls.  A true power couple and decided I need to see them more often! (they don't know that yet, so shh ;) 

Tierney is absolutely stunning, always, inside and out and now with her sweet bump glowing even more. She's due literally any day now and i can't wait to see their baby girl! Lots of Facebook stalking soon. So here's just a few of my absolute favorites from our session. I couldn't stop shooting though, They both know how to work the camera and pose so perfectly.

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While in Vegas, they suggested to see Travis' show and since he is seriously the reason i listen to Elvis, i couldn't pass it up, i've been wanting to go for a while! so if you're in vegas go see him perform at All Shook Up! A Tribute to the King. I added the Facebook link so you can check it out. it was FANTASTIC and i might have been dancing the whole time. maybe. 

Thank you both again, nice and early in the morning but it was so worth it! Congratulations! you're going to do wonderful together!


Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Dry Lake Bed Fitness Boulder City, Las Vegas- Courtney

I couldn't wait to share more fit photographs and behind the scenes video from the dry lake bed in las vegas with Courtney! I go every year to WPPI (photography conference) and set up a few photoshoots while i'm in town with clients i haven't seen, and always try for a few personal ones as well. Fitness photography has become such a huge passion of mine since i've become a gym rat, and this gorgeous, strong, fabulous woman has been in my life for quite a few years! SO lucky to be able to take photographs of all her hard work and beautiful muscles! 

I normally shoot in the early morning or evening before sunset (and i still highly suggest it!) but i wanted to try shooting in the direct sun in the middle of the day. (i won't do these for families as i have to turn her so specifically before snapping any photos) but i wanted to stretch my knowledge and skill and doing it on a personal shoot was the perfect way! i have to say.. it was hot, but such a good experience and they turned out beautiful. just slightly obsessed. 

We talked about the style of the clothing i was looking for. we found a few items on pinterest and got on the same page and she showed up with PERFECT items that fit her body gorgeously. crop top and short shorts and a high waisted black swimming suit from target. I already ordered a few prints. one is a 16x20 for the alamogordo fit expo in town! If you live in Alamogordo, New Mexico and want to stop by to say hi and sign up for giveaways click here!  that link will send you to the desert heat competition Facebook page to get all the details!

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This woman has been working so hard in the gym and even harder in the kitchen. you can follow her on instagram cmichelle_fit and follow her journey! Give her some love! 

Courtney- Thank you so much for being a fantastic sport out in the hot sun. I always love spending time catching up and seeing your lovely face! Miss you! and NEXT time... we ARE lifting together :)

-Shanna Star