White Sands & Wetlands Park- Dustin & Jennifer

 It can be incredibly difficult moving from place to place, and feeling like it's starting all over again, but there are a few huge advantages of this life and one is all the wonderful people you get to meet. 

Dustin and Jennifer were looking for some Christmas photos, and for a while we couldn't decide on white sands or meeting up in Las Vegas (we were going to be there at the same time) we finally decided on White Sands here in New Mexico. Then it was one of the most windy days i've been there, and when it's crazy windy... even hiding behind the larger sand dunes... doesn't help much. They were great sports, and still made sure to get a few with their sweet pups!  we cut it short and decided to meet in Vegas too. so we got two completely different locations, and i love it! 

They also were a part of brandon's 30th birthday and were at the whiskey tasting. yes, i'm still talking about that. So is Jennifer... it was THAT awesome. 


What i love is even though it was windy, you can't tell in these sweet moments they shared. 


i really adore the outfit changes, and she did great at picking them all out! so much fun, and those red pants.. LOVE. 

we roamed around Wetlands Park, a new absolute favorite location on mine in Vegas. Some of my favorites are with the yellow leaves, so happy it was still in bloom this late! 


such a beautiful couple! 


one of my other favorites is this one below. He's looking at her so sweetly! 

We got to talking about getting photographs taken, and they get them done every year! I may be biased but i think it's such a great idea. so many people wait until they have children, but it's just as important with their fur babies and just with each other. We grow and change, and looking back you'll remember those little moments. (both my grandmother and grandfather passed away last year and of course seeing my mom when she was little is fun, but one of my favorite photographs are just of the two of them.. smokin' hot on a date.) Jennifer even mentioned she liked her cute booty here.. as she should! why not remember those moments, and capture all those years together. (i know someday i'll look at my pink hair and think i was crazy. it's fine, i LOVE it now)



BAM. like i said.. the yellow leaves. Probably my favorite out of the two days, no doubt! 

Like i started at the beginning, one of the reasons moving around has been good to me is the wonderful people i've been able to meet. Although Jennifer and i have really only had a few adventures together, it's been so good to be able to get to know her (though we have a SAWEET girls trip planned coming up!) and find out favorite whiskeys even if most of them were Canadian. We also did the painting girls day out together, which i recommend to everyone!

i so enjoyed our time together, and always adore being around couples who are crazy for one another! so keep up all that pinching and squeezing and kissing stuff. :)

-Shanna Star