Five Things.

If you follow me on all social media outlets, you might see some of these, but for those that don't here are some fun things i'm recommending! i'm constantly trying new foods, experiences, clothing stores and boutiques to share with you all. These are a few as of lately! 


1- Shields Of Strength Necklace- I found these on instagram while i was trolling around, but never purchased one. then, i arrived in vegas to visit brandon and he had gotten me one! ahh! i was so happy! just a little reminder of a verse i like, and keeping my focus on what's important, not just strength training. It's so much more than that. As of lately, it's discipline. lifting is the easy part, it's controlling my emotional eating. It's such a difficult part to have discipline over food, and staying in the word, praying, and having small reminders helps me realize another reason i'm focused on lifting. 

2- Coconut Aminos- As some of many of you may know, i'm prepping for my first bikini competition. i'm super scared and SO excited! i needed to rid of all soy, and soy sauce was something that was helping me eat more chicken, rice, and veggies. so i went on a short hunt at the store for something that wasn't dry seasoning that could replace it. wow. i came across this, and was so pumped! i tried it, and it completely covers my wants for soy sauce. i then asked a trusted woman her thoughts, and she loves it too. so i'm suggesting it to you! For those of you who hate coconut, you can hardly taste that, but there ARE other flavors too. if you want to you can follow my fitness instagram now too! shannastarfit 

3- The Whisky Attic Experience- i could not sell or talk about this enough. If you're in vegas, or traveling there, i HIGHLY recommend trying this out. it's such a unique experience, and so much fun! to start, i don't like whiskey. seriously. i thought it was disgusting. but i set this up for Brandon's 30th, and the owner thought i'd like it to, so last minute, i decided to try it! They go through a little history, ask you what sort of things you like, so they can give you whiskeys they know you'll probably enjoy (i like caramel, sweeter, not super spicy) and no. you don't smell it first. i left and now tell EVERYONE how to correctly taste their whiskey. i found ones i enjoy too! a place that i'd love to support more because i enjoyed everyone who worked there and what they do! it's a little pricy, but if you want to spend some time with friends or on a date, it's worth it. go do it. plus you're probably in vegas to gamble or spend money. also... a GREAT bachelor party idea. 

4-S'mores Quest Bars- I've talked aout Quest bars before, and their chips. but this is my new favorite bar and it's just ridiculous how good it is. microwave it for about 12 seconds and you have an gooey treat with tons of protein. 

5-The Journey of Desire- Let's be honest, it's another book by John Eldredge. i love everything him and his wife write. so when i saw this in the bookstore, i picked it up. It's exactly what i needed to be reading for encouragement lately. I talk about my dreams, goals, and what i'm pursuing often and this is just a motivator for all those wonderful you want to accomplish and that they're placed in our hearts for a reason. 


Early this January i came across this verse in my devotional. i've been trying to get better at some areas in my life. Each year growing, and being more lovable, and loving. One reason i go off topic of photos and share these little things, is a small way to encourage and motivate you with tangible solutions. Whether it's looking for healthy food alternatives, books that inspire you, drinks that are girly and yummy, or products that make you feel good. This is a verse that struck me harder than some because i need to keep using my talents and gifts to love you. It might not be a huge act of love, but it's something small i can share. i also have been trying to get better at keeping in contact with close friends and family. putting them above my selfishness, and spending time talking, hanging out, or just sending silly text messages. so how can we daily use our gifts to motivate one another and encourage each other? something small to ponder with our limited time here on earth. 

Hebrews 10:24- Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Not neglect our meeting together, but encourage another. 


-Shanna Star