Adventure at Nelson's Landing

We've been incredibly blessed the last few weeks for quality time together and fun adventures, even though we spend the other time together cleaning and making the garbage man upset with way too much junk. oops.
Neither of us have been to Nelson's Landing, and i can't believe i haven't as a photographer, i'm ashamed. It was a fun, even though from our house it takes about 1.5 hours to get there. We had a little over an hour to shoot before the sun went down and we're already planning our next trip there. Murphy and Conner did pretty good even getting distracted by every plant and thing around them. 
Yes, we dress up, wore some bow ties, here are a few of our faves!

here's a secret revealed. mine is actually a hair clip. 
it's just who we are to be silly, even if the puppies can't pay attention. but who can blame them?- to get them to look at a camera on a stand is tough. 
brandon and i can't get enough of murphy in the right hand photo below. i was having them do tricks, murphy twirls and conner dances. Murphy looks so incredibly happy, we laugh so hard every time we look at it. silly face. 
have i mentioned how happy it makes me that Brandon is willing to go along with all the craziness i come up with? An adventure with my boys, time together and photos too?- yup it's my perfection. 
What do you do with your significant other for fun? Any dates or as we call them, adventures that you love to do together? 
i hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into the (fun part) of our weekend together, and our whole family in bow ties. i have more fun projects in mind, so now to find those models!