What Success looks like for me.

"i'm not where i want to be, but i like where i'm going."-Jasmine Star (um yes i realize we both have the same middle name, does it make me feel more awesome about it? why, yes it does.) 
This year at WPPI was absolutely beyond inspiring. I learned so much about practical things for my business. Every piece you can imagine that goes into a photography business. Tips and tricks, posing, light, contracts, emails, service, pricing, products, vendors, website, blogs, marketing, branding, accounting, music; you name it, i took notes on how to better every aspect.  (below is Sue Bryce and me. holy cow!) 
Aside from the practical tips, i always make sure to see some of my favorite speakers. ones that not only give away a few secrets and tips, but motivate you to think differently about what success is, and what you want from photography.
a couple times i wrote down what success means to me, and what i want. i won't share it all, especially boring numbers and pages of thoughts, but i will share that i enjoy doing some work in pajamas and scheduling my own time. But what it looks like to me is this…
"i just want to be a beacon of light, helping women feel beautiful, like they're more than enough, and i want to bless people in abundance, make a difference, tell the story and connect, following what God has in store."- a few lines from my pages of scribbles and note taking.
i talk about women and beauty. a lot of you know that i've recently fallen in LOVE with boudoir/beauty shots. I'd really to do even more of those sessions, and will hopefully be doing a few of my own projects soon to show you. I just wanted so share with you, because every year i'm growing, learning and staying motivated to be the best photographer i can. I want to thank all of you who you support me, and can't wait for what God has for me in the future.
i'll leave you with this, my devotional that was at perfect timing:
a confident woman avoids comparisons. Confidence is not possible as long as we compare ourselves with other people. No matter how good we look, how talented or smart we are, or how successful we are, there is always someone who is better, sooner or later we will run into her. i believe confidence is found in doing the best we can with what we have to work with and not in comparing ourselves with other and competing with them. our Joy should not be found in being better than others, but in being the best we can. 
so what's your definition of success?