Beauty photographs and behind the scenes with Courtney- Las Vegas

Traveling to vegas, i always try to at least schedule a few times with friends, Courtney was one of my hair stylists and we've worked out a few times together and get along so well! plus she love to lift too, which you'll be able to tell.. she's getting ripped and working so hard! both our husbands our in the air force, so there's always lots to talk about.  It's even better for me when i get to spend time AND do a beauty photo-shoot. 

I don't always just stare at my images for countless hours, but beauty photos are as you know.. are my favorite to shoot, and this incredibly gorgeous woman was a lovely model! 

we talked before-hand of a few outfits to bring; sparkly, girly, fun. you can be the judge, but i think she nailed it with every outfit! 


for this session, i asked her if it was okay to also record it so i could show you all some behind-the-scenes footage. i used my iPhone, but it not only has been great for all of you to see, it helps me realize how much she was giggling, and how much fun we had. When i think back to shoots, i think about how much fun it was for me, but seeing it from a different angle was encouraging to see all the laughter from courtney!  and yes you can see the full video below! 


she was a natural and i think i laughed the entire time when i wasn't talking and directing. lots of poses feel funny and we laughed about the one above on the left, but she killed it! here's a secret to the one of the right... my puppy conner was sitting right below her. he didn't move. i might have to show that to you all too. ridiculous, he just wanted to be included i guess. weirdo. 


This black dress above i purchased in Alamogordo from a fabulous dress shop, and when i showed courtney these photos her response was "i'm not that buff in person." Again, you can be the judge but even in the video you can see her muscles popping. so here you go girl, you're buff. there's no editing to make it more so, you're just that awesome! 


i wanted to steal the dress she brought, the black one above, she might have noticed.. but oh my gosh it sparkles so perfectly and she looks hot! 


what i love about these is how sophisticated, classy, and elegant she is and also shows how fierce, sexy, and stunning she is too! a great alternative to boudoir, and you can feel free to hang these all over your house! (and um yes, these will be in my office too!) 


you can see the simple set up we had for this shoot, and how even with simplicity, you can make remarkable images. the focus is completely on Courtney and her beauty. i want to use these for everything, so you'll probably see these more ;) 

so why do YOU need beauty photographs? everyone needs head shots, and then some fun ones! Every woman should feel beautiful, and daily, so i'm here to love, show off all your best features, and really just have a girls day. i'm here for more then just one day, i want you to look back and remember how confident you felt, and to remind you that you're beautiful.  thinking about doing these kind of photos but a little nervous? bring a friend! she needs them too, and get a fun photograph together. 



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Have a happy Tuesday lovies.  leaving you with a quote then i found in a book i'm reading about confidence since i speak about it so much. "BE confident don't FEEL confident. start choosing confidence in every situation and you'll drive back fear. "