Cheesy Christmas photos

hey again all! well this year again, my Christmas photos were late. and so we resorted to something a bit more cheesy than expected. so hopefully next year we'll use our awesome idea! if you remember last years' pic it was one taken by Danette Chappell. but we quickly decided yesterday we needed to get some Christmas photos, even if the cards were going to be late. so if you don't want to ruin your Christmas card surprise. stop reading. 

here's last years! 

this year we took them ourselves, thank you for timers that go off every second, setting off the flashes. yikes. quite the distracting set up! but it worked. and we were going for the what's in the boxes that we are so surprised about!? eh eh!? 

after a few takes.. and WAY too many photos.. over 500.. i liked 3. but it worked! so here comes the card.. shield your eyes if you want to be surprised! 

i decided they weren't quite the WOW factor last year's had. but.. they're fun. and show off our family! (and my office) not to mention a new font i'm enjoying... If you've been searching on facebook.. and remember the DVD cover for Nicole's wedding in September, found this font called AlicoScriptSSK. to be honest, not even sure how it got on my computer! i'm thanking Brandon of course. 

so send me a link to YOUR fun Christmas photos and inspiration, and next year.. well they're gonna be great!