want to know a secret?

if you use lightroom or photoshop this secret is going to save you HUGE amounts of time. RPG keys. here's a photo! This is an amazing tool that i found out about after working for the chapel. and when i first sat down to start post processing, i wasn't sure about this concept, i mean there are quick keys and a mouse to help speed up processing, but after a few weeks (shorter if you're constantly using them!) you'll fall in love. 

if you read some of the keys you'll see it's just a quick key among itself. your "home row" is your pointer finger sitting on the next key and your middle resting on the previous key. it helps you zoom through lightroom cutting your workflow time to at least half. after working with them for a year at the chapel, it was on my want list. they're a bit spendy, but if you're serious about photography they're definitely worth it. i truly believe every photographer should own them. after giving them a few tries it'll be as fast as typing, and it'll help you stay consistent since you can get through work much more quickly. if you're editing a session, you can get through the whole thing rather than taking breaks! (of course go back and add even more special effects. but still)

i'll explain the option 1 keys too.  it's the black key on the bottom right corner. example- you want less blacks in a photo, you hold down option 1 key with your thumb and hit blacks (right above next) it makes editing completely doable with the one hand so you can be watching the photos rather than hand position. seriously... come over and give it a try! :) it's also easy to paste from previous so if the lighting is almost the same you only have to tweak the next photo after perfecting the first! 

after much jealousy of these keys, a friend tried out something similar, you can find out that using old game pads you can connect to lightroom and it'll act as the same, except no matter how you program them, it won't be as quick. believe me, it's not just me, plenty of people have tried. but there is no match to the RPG keys. 

and now that i've actually purchased them for myself, i've learned even more! i also bought the plug in for photoshop, and i haven't messed with it enough but so far i'm super impressed that you hit "next" it'll save the image and open the next. wow the amount of time being saved with just that is worth it! 

this is a product that i absolutely adore and am so happy i got them! and to express how much the other photographers love them too.. they've told me they're a bit jealous and are going to be coming over just to edit. 

ANOTHER feature- i haven't set this up yet, it's slow workflow coming through right now, but you can set your own quick keys so if you use an action you've made in photoshop EASY to get to. 

if you want to learn more about them, visit, they'll also probably be at WPPI again this year! i had a chance to talk to the guys who made them, awesome! they'll help you out. and when you purchase them, you'll get emails so PEOPLE not just messages sent can help you set them up and figure them out. just love this product. 

i could go on and on but i'll spare you my huge obsession beyond what i already have shared. if you have any questions or comments about these, let me know! i'd be happy to answer anything regarding this product. LOVE! 

OH AND DID I MENTION!?! pin up shoot tomorrow! stay tuned!