6 places to shop for your Boudoir photoshoot and lingerie tips

You’ve booked your boudoir or beauty shoot and now you’re stuck. What should you wear, and where should you buy it!?

One of the most asked questions about boudoir and beauty shoots is suggestions on clothing items. Although each woman may have something different in mind for what she wants, there’s a few favorite shops I suggest and because I travel a lot for shoots most of them are online or larger chain stores. However you’re going to always get the best customer service from little boutique stores unique to your town, so if you have some of those, hit them up! They can help with sizing and always want you leaving a happy customer!

1- Amazon. This is one of the biggest places I find most of my pieces now, especially with Amazon Prime, it’s hard to beat for value and like a lot of us prefer, in the quiet of our homes. Amazon is even connecting to third parties so there’s SO much variety to find. Crop tops, oversized sweaters, bodysuits, lace, jackets, swimsuits, dresses, stockings, you name it, it’s there. Just be sure to read reviews about sizing! The red bodysuit below is Amazon.

2- Fashion Nova. The only thing about this shop is it takes a little longer for shipping, so shop early! They also have cute items not strictly lingerie. Shoes, accessories, dresses, and sheer tops as cover ups.

3- Adore Me. A few of my clients have purchased from this site and loved the affordable and beautiful lingerie they found! The white two piece lingerie set is Adore Me.

4- Asos. Another affordable online shop that past clients have used. This site also has cute outfits not strictly lingerie.

5- In store shopping. Yup all the others have been online, but if you’re unsure of what flatters your body, go try on some different types of clothing and lingerie. Still head to Dillards, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21. The last two are great for great little crop tops and cute shirts! the black and white photo of the jean shorts and tank are from Forever 21.

6- Your closet. That’s right, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe for your photoshoot. In fact, you probably have most the items you’ll need already hanging in your closet. Maybe some jeans shorts, a cute cover up or a crop top. Most women already have button ups too. If you’re unsure send over photos of the items to me (or your photographer!) for suggestions. It’s always fun to buy one or two new pieces, but first check out what you already have. the black crop top in the bath tub is one I had already and let the client borrow and I have an abundance of tulle skirts!

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Tips: When shopping for lingerie for a shoot keep a few things in mind.

1- try something out of your comfort zone, but be aware of tight fits or being uncomfortable. if you know you love something about your body, try to show that part off more!

2- bodysuits. My obsession continues, you can see a post strictly on bodysuits for everybody right here.

3- Unless you LOVE a piece and know you’ll wear it again, opt for the inexpensive pieces. A photoshoot should be about you and how beautiful YOU are, not worrying about expensive lingerie.

4-In-between sizes? Go for the slightly larger (not baggy) why?- even the leanest of ladies would get that squished skin look if it’s too small and that's much harder to edit that out.

5- Variety of color. Most women come with at least one black piece of lingerie, and it’s gorgeous, but try for a little bit of color pop

6- Lingerie isn’t the only sexy thing to wear. If you’re looking for more conservative, try a long dress with a slit, comfy sweaters with long socks, or a swimsuit with some jean shorts. Whatever make you feel confident and beautiful is the right look and most of the stores I suggested also have street clothes too!

7- Quick list of lingerie styles. Bra and panty sets, corset, bustier, teddy, bodysuit, babydoll, garter belts, garters, thigh highs, shape wear, slip, and clothing. Just a little reminder there are many styles so don't be discouraged if you don't like a few on you, there’s something for every body.. though I still think there’s a bodysuit for every body..for real.

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It may still seem a bit overwhelming, start by looking at the photos I posted here or on Pinterest for a style you like, then go looking for it online! I’m always here to help decide and i’ll always tell my clients to bring a few extra, since I can help you with what will look best in-camera! Your photographer has experience with what flatters womens bodies, so don't be afraid to ask questions!

Keep Shining

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