Haeli-trash the dress!


Minnehaha Falls- GORGEOUS shoot! 

If you stalked me enough you would notice Haeli has commented on some other blog posts, and i must say she is a friend that keeps me constantly encouraged with photography, and I so appreciate her! she's absolutely amazing. Haeli and Jon got married almost two years ago now, and i had the honor of photographing their wedding. There's so much i want to say; first of all i met these two in college, and got to see some of the beginnings of their relationship. i believe the first cuddling time too watching batman at Andy's? i don't remember i fell asleep eating doritos, but that's not important. What's important is how these two are truly crazy about eachother and what's more, the center of their relationship is God. A couple who work daily on their relationship with eachother, and are growing strong together. 

Let me share a little about their wedding too! it was an amazing trip to Wisconsin, spending time with college friends, seeing Haeli and Jon's first home, and eating ice cream. so now, to THIS shoot. it was a time where everyone came together again. it wasn't just us three, it was Shelly, Mark, and Rachelle. Get to know these names people. they will be mentioned again. we also have a tradition. ever since the engagement photos, shelly (and now others) have creeped in their photos. so we didn't want to break traditions now! so much fun and excitement with these photos. Plus it means extra help with equipment.

we wanted to go somewhere fun and still not get the dress absolutely "trashed." so remember that brides and future brides, you don't have to ruin your dress for after wedding shoots either! Headed over to Minnehaha falls, for some gorgeous photos! She's always a perfect models, and even with goofballs all around her, she keeps a straight model face! so proud of her. 

check out this model of the chick! what i love most about these shots of Haeli, Shelly and Mark were creepily in the back.. thanks photoshop :) but if you want to see some of those.. let me know i'll post one! 

There were so many good ones from the shoot, but if YOU want to see more, and especially the photo bombing ones, let me know! what a great time we had. she was a trooper.. going in the cold water, and we all went into the "do not pass" section to get closer to the falls. we always have adventures and i love spending time with these two. hope to see you soon beautiful! 

any ideas for trash the dress shoots that you like? and did you see the other Trash the dress? Marie Antoinette styled. SO much fun. have a blessed day all!