Luke and Nicole- wedding!

One of the best ways is describe this day, was absolute love! watching how friends and family wanted to help and really do anything to be there for luke and nicole was one of my favorite parts of the day. it was great to sit back and watch how friends made it about Nicole, it was her day, and they would've done anything for her. 

I had the honor of shooting their wedding in Minnesota this past september, a girl i had grown up with; from kindergarten to graduation, and being around all of those girls again was wonderful! it's great to know, even when i moved away, i can still come back and feel just part of it all again. an amazing group of girls! (guys too!) 

There were a quite a few favorites of the day! and i mentioned one already, but another the way you could just tell how proud of eachother the couple was. and at the end of the night, a bridesmaid (michelle) pointed out to me that the two of them were just watching their reception from a hill away from the tent on the farm. and it was beautiful. they were just enjoying eachother, and all of the loved that came to celebrate them! (and their little guy Ayden too) It's so fun shooting a wedding where you've grown up with the bride, know her friends, family and so much about her! she was absolutely stunning on her day, and she felt it too :) 

Their reception took place on Nicole's family farm, and it was beautiful! the girls got ready there too and it made for a great atmosphere! and great dress shots! ;) 


this little cutie getting read to it Ayden, the couples' baby boy! he's getting so big now, but he did great on the big day! 

Below is Nicole and her mama Mary, she helped her get ready, and while putting on her necklace, the bridesmaids were in tears, not to mention and of course Mary was too! Nicole is the baby of the family, so of course emotion all around! 

the girls were so much fun! just so cute in front of the camera, though most of them knew how i worked, so it made it easy, but just SO cute. 
the guys.. well, they weren't too sure about me at first, but i think eventually i won em over! 

at the beginning of the post, i wrote about how nicole and luke stood on a little hill and watched over the reception and people that loved them, THIS is the view they had. an absolutely gorgeous night, perfect Minnesota evening. 

a little bit longer post to see the wedding day! 

are you recently engaged?! need any suggestions or help? i wouldn't mind giving some tips if needed. 

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well, my best friend rachelle is in town, so off on the town we go! have a blessed day!