sunrise engagement!

September in MN part 2

i was so blessed to go back home and photograph a couple i went to high school with. The idea Danielle had was to visit Dennis' family farm, since it was place that meant something to them. we later skipped around the town and visited some other places, but started here. i am PROUD. first of all, Dennis was a trooper, putting up with photos for a few hours! but i'm so glad we did, some of my favorite photos of the year came out of this shoot! Let's be honest, the second reason i'm proud is because we start so early in the morning! the sun was absolutely perfect, but living in Las Vegas i totally forgot about dew and it being cold in the morning. my feet froze ha! but we had a lot of fun. 

Loved to be able to be around this couple for a while! something i really like about the two of them, is they are high school sweethearts besides! so cute, and melts my heart everytime. 

yeah!! you might recognize this image from the top! and i have to say, it's still one of my favorite images. it's always interesting having couples do some lifts. it requires a lot of trust on their part to trust their photographer for this. they did this perfectly. Danielle is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect and posing and being so natural in front of the camera. LOVE photographing her. now i just have to get back to MN a whole bunch more and get her to do MORE photos! 

the image below is another of my favorites! the green all around, surrounding the red barn. i was so in love with this area, and so thankful i got to go back home and photograph places where i grew up! BEAUTIFUL. still wish i wouldn't have worn flip flops this early in the morning. but it was just an amazing morning!  

Dennis- i have got to say, for not loving being in front of the camera he did it well! i've had some couples do this kiss, and he looks so romantic. so good job! 
we ended up in Red Wing, but we were taking so many photos already! we even visited the church that they're getting married at! gorgeous. 

Engagements are probably my absolute favorite to photograph. Of course weddings are always so fun! but during the engagement photos, you get to know and see the dynamic of the couple, spend some time with them, and really see love between the two. sigh... it makes me love love even more every time! so thank you Dennis and Danielle for letting me photograph the two of you! 

so thinking of engagement photos soon? don't hesitate to ask any questions you have, from what to wear to the time of day to shoot.  and enjoy the time you get with your fiance! it should be a fun and great experience, even if you or your fiance aren't completely into photos! fall in love all over again. ahhh engagements. absolutely so beautiful