Day off project!

Happy Wednesday!

Today i wanted to share something a little different. I actually have a couple days off, which means time to relax and work on some things i've been wanting to! yeah! I've had this fun idea of one of the mates of states photos i took while they were playing here in Las Vegas. The first time i tried something similar, it didn't turn out how i imagined, but last night i was feeling inspired again to try, so glad i did! 

Kori is one gorgeous chick! 

If you want to see all the originals, you can by clicking here. I've talked about their new CD out, and i'm still in love, if you want to go back and read about, head HERE

Thought i'd share another video from their newest album. This is "Maracas." They're working on another video too, which i'm sure i'll share when i see it. 


any favorite new albums you want to share? or fun projects you do when you have a little time off?  

It's a great day, lots of things to catching up to do, including getting my hair done, so hope you have a wonderful Wednesday too!