Are you up for the challenge?



Have you thought about doing a Boudoir shoot for your husband? Maybe your soon to be husband!? It might be a fun gift to give him after the two of you are married.


The first thing women think of when Boudoir is brought up is uncomfortable, trashy, too sexy, or maybe even they couldn't pull it off. While searching around some of my favorite blogs and photographers, i find there are all types of shoots. romantic, sexy, fine art, or simply beautiful.


I wanted to give all of you women the opportunity to think about doing this kind of shoot.





If you're looking for some ideas, maybe you want a boudoir session but aren't sure, check out the Boudoir Divas. I had the pleasure of hearing them speak last year at WPPI, and they're amazing! On their website you can see the different types of boudoir that there is, and maybe you'll decide, you CAN do it! think of doing something extra "fun" for your husband... Christmas is only.. well who cares, he'll love these photos at any time.



I picked a few more modestly dressed shots to show you! All from Boudoir Divas. To learn more about these fabulous shoots from two ladies who only photograph Boudoir, click on the images below!






If you're interested in a fun photoshoot like these, let me know! we can get you looking smokin' hot! What's great about these is you can do them in the comfort of your own home. If you want something a little different, lots of these shoots are done in upscale hotels too to get that sexy vibe. If you have any questions about these shoots, let me know. To first ask can be scary, especially if you're unsure, but even if you aren't sure, we can discuss what would best fit you, and make you the most comfortable.



and i'm sure your husband will appreciate these too ;)