five things.

I find every time i'm sharing songs it's those songs i instantly fall in love with and can't stop listening to a thousand times in a row. (this is no exaggeration) The song Stolen from Dashboard has been listened to over 700 times here at this house. If you've been someone that has lived with me, you also know i get stuck on songs and listen to them until i'm sick of it, which usually takes a couple weeks. oops. 
I find i really need to embrace more of snow patrol, such a soothing voice. so here's "Just Say Yes" for you to fall in love with and enjoy! Oh and after the first 20 times or so i decided the chorus would be just be perfect and emotional to walk into the church for the first time too.. seeing your husband- to- be for the first time that day. beautiful. 
Found these cute signs! It would be a great idea to show off promises/vows to each other at the wedding, and for a little extra detail! Also a great way to decorate a wall in your new home together too. 
This detail has been fairly popular for a while now, but i still think they're cute! There are more then the "i Do" stickers, and even grooms are wearing them now, one of my favorites says "help me!" If you want something a little more cute you could find the "i'm taken" stickers instead. Always an easy, cute, inexpensive detail to add to your day!
If you follow me on facebook, which you TOTALLY should. You can see when i update my blog that way. I found a new product i really have been enjoying. it's from Bolthouse Farms. If you've read other health posts i've written, you'll know i don't normally like to buy anything extra with dairy, not a milk drinker here. But this snack, or meal for me is too good to pass up! Delicious, not chunky and tastes exactly like a strawberry parfait! 
Out of all the juices like Naked for example, i prefer Bolthouse. do you have any juices you want to share? I'd love to find some new delicious smoothies! 
I might be caught on strawberries, but this is a snack that has quite a bit of sugar in it, and might not be the most healthy, but at 55 calories, and keeps my cravings for snacks at night to just this, i figure it's worth it! Fruit in the freezer. I always feel 12 when i open these up, but secretly love it. 
After my most recent shoot with Vanessa and her husband Nick, i admit i just want to keep posting photos of them! More to come soon, editing more tonight! see the first three here