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Panama City Beach Florida- Home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, and if you step foot along the emerald coast, you’ll know exactly why as the soft white sand and clear blue and green water sparkle. It’s absolutely breathtaking. But it can also be really busy! Luckily it doesn’t have to look that way with your photographer. You can’t tell but this was a busy evening on the beach (I wasn’t at my normal spot right by my house which even during the busy months stays decently quiet) I want to share just a little behind the scenes video with Pam. Although it was a busier night, we got to spend the evening chatting and catching up and really spilling the details of our lives that seem to be ever-changing. Not once did it feel crowded, it felt like a date with a friend, and some fabulous photos in between. And that’s exactly how I want your session on the beach to be. Relaxed, fun, getting sometimes hit with some waves, and a product at the end that you’ll want to print and show off what an absolutely stunning woman you are, inside and out.

Don’t forget to check out the short behind the scenes video below

Panama City beach fitness photographer
Panama City beach boudoir photographer
30a beach boudoir photographer-davista photography
30a boudoir and beach photographer
Panama City beach photographer

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Mini book of my self-portraits

Good morning! i'm excited about this little product i ordered. it's a mini book of my self-portraits. i also had a 16x24 standout print made of the black and white photograph, and a few 8x12s matted in an 11x14. i wanted a  small gift for brandon, so i made this accordion book! i figured it would be a great little desk portrait and gift for him. These are 3x3 books.

the covers are slightly magnetic to keep them all together and secure :) brandon wanted to make sure i shared the black and white photo.. it's his favorite. though he wanted a post dedicated just to it. it's the image i got in a big print for our room! 

These are great to give your loved ones if they're traveling, or for modeling a great portfolio to keep with you all the time to show off a few photos! let me know what you think of them!

i also recently have been changing up the studio here, lots of gorgeous glamour dresses, a rack of shoes, dresses, accessories and ready for you! are you ready to book a day with a little wine, getting your makeup done, and getting photographed? i'm ready for you! lots of photos of the studio to come! 

if you missed the behind the scenes of my self portraits, watch the 16 sec little clip!

Happy thursday today i want to remind you.. you are loved. and you deserve that love.