a very special wedding album- just in time!

Goodness! i could hardly wait until i got this gorgeous album in the mail! I've been talking about how important these keepsakes are, and the value they have for your wedding day photos! I've wanted to design one for myself, but always get caught up in so many other things. i wanted to show you readers that i value these products too and am SO glad i got mine ordered (ahhh yes my wedding was almost 4 years ago) i'm so glad i did! i have looked through it at least 4 times today. None of these photos or edits are mine, They were all taken and edited by the talented and super awesome Paul Vincent

Metallic photo cover with graphite fabric and black stitching. 

Metallic photo cover with graphite fabric and black stitching. 

i tried a few new features that you can order too. i decided to spend the extra money because to me, it's completely worth it. i'll have this around for a long time and it shows the wedding day in a story-telling form so you can feel the whole day. i'm in love. 

the back of the book also has the graphite material, and i chose to show another photo, one of my faves. 

when i design an album, i try to stick to a lot of white space. It looks clean, modern, classic, and won't ever go out of style. instead of a lot of background, i want you to focus on the photographs. 

the paper i used is recycled paper option. you can see a little of the detail, the other kind i use is linen which has more of a canvas texture look to it. 

one of my absolute FAVORITE things about the company i use for albums is you can have a photograph go across the spread and it's all connected. Flush mounting album pages mean thick not bending pages, and the photograph can lay across the entire spread with no separation. below, i purposely designed one where my face was in the middle of the two pages, you can see it doesn't separate the photograph, and i just love it!! 

i have so enjoyed looking through these again and laughing at all the fun crazy moments. 

another spread that splits the photograph below but doesn't distract at all. 

I didn't photograph every spread, just most of them! :) i was too excited not to, plus family lives so far away.. had to show them somehow.. right!? i hope this helps you decide on one of these beauties, i couldn't be happier that i finally got mine done! 

details about my album- 

*10x10 album

*40 pages/ 20 spreads

*metallic photo cover/back cover +padded cover

*graphite fabric with black stitching for cover

*recycled paper


i shared Paul's website, but you can also find his work on Facebook. He did such a fantastic job, and i'm so happy he could photograph our wedding! Thank you Paul for these beautiful photographs that i'll cherish forever. i still am in love with them. 

Happy friday! now go have fun!