Beauty Photography at White Sands -Erika

I've been so blessed with this unexpected move to New Mexico. I've met some truly inspiring women and this is one of them! Erika is a gorgeous woman, Mary-Kay consultant, amazing friend, maker of all the delicious cakes, mama of 4 if you can believe it, and always so full of joy. 

We went to white sands and brought her girls too but this post is all about Erika. she wore the dress you're seeing not long ago and seriously was the hottest thing. sooo i may have made her wear it again. cause seriously. a few photographs to show off her beauty! few faves (and yes the ones with her girls are coming soon too!) 


not all women can look this fabulous while laughing, but Erika i absolutely admire your spirit and warmth and beauty! you got it girl. 


um yes, i did make her jump and i haven't done this in a while, but when it matches your bubbly and fun personality.. you do it. 


i mean are you kidding? her husband was right.. not a bad photo of her. 


if you can't tell, i loved the ones of her sitting and playing with her hair, they showed those red shoes too! DANG.


Erika you little hottie, i'm so glad to have met you, you were one of the first women i met when i moved and think you're truly inspirational. i love your warm spirit mixed in with some spunk, actually a lot of spunk. the way i think women should be ;)  

HEY- all of you reading this, don't forget to comment below!- leave some love for her, that's right she should hear it from you too! and go. 

Happy wednesday, i encourage women to book a beauty session, even in this small time we had together  Erika said what an encouragement it was for her, and made her feel good. what woman doesn't want that! and if you want monthly updates don't forget to sign up for the newsletter