Five Things.

In one of my past not too distant five things post, i mentioned some books i'm reading. on a journey to try to choose to read uplifting material for a while instead i've strayed away from those books and stuck to some other kinds. However, those are still fun books! i mentioned how i've been finding all my new reads at savers. i've been reading about five different books, about a chapter from each since most are small devotionals. I want to start my day out right, so that my work is starting every morning with a fresh and positive outlook! (i mean who doesn't their photographer editing their photos while they're happy?!) I've come across a few that have been just okay, and then this one. "Promises of Hope for Women." 
what i like is, short but meaningful chapters that encourage me everyday. although i admit, i picked it up for the look of it.. judging its book by its cover.. whoops! 
I realized i haven't shared a song i think is nothing less than beautiful. It's one that i can repeat over and over and whether i'm in a happy or sad place, it'll get emotions flowing. Hit play and listen while you're reading through the rest of the post.. PERFECT.
A product i have been looking for, finally found! i spend most of days that i have less stuff to edit doing research. Whether it be to better my business plans, better my editing, or finding new products and places to find inspiration, i came across the frames i was looking for! I had some available similar to this for a while, but only came in baby colors. and now TONS of colors. 50-some! The Organic Bloom has some beautiful products, and if you're wanting one (or a few!) let me know! they're now available. 
(polkadot umbrella photography!) 
Another fun product i've been looking for is a folded Luxe card for Christmas cards, birth announcements, and engagements too! or even a flat card! 
ask me about this new product, the folded card starts at $60 for 30 cards, with envelopes and including the design too. love these! 
Or if you want the flat luxe cards, you can do these starting at $52 for 30, double sided, including envelopes too. 
i adore these products, making a card (Christmas is right around the corner..) a little more fun! 
(photos from Miller's Lab) 
I'd love to hear from you and maybe some products you'd like to see. Comment below and share some fun things you've seen other places. 
I'd also love to hear how you stay encouraged every morning before work, i'm guessing lots of coffee is sometimes involved :) Do you find times to read before you start your day? Another might be working out.. i do this mid day.. there's no way results would happen for me in the morning. 
I hope you're having a wonderful day, it's the weekend!