Jillian Michaels body revolution- here i go!

I admit, i start working out, am motivated for a couple days maybe a week, then something happens and i just can't get myself to stay working out as consistent as i should be! 
my husband got the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVD's and suggested i try them. I'm on week two (it's a 6 day a week workout routine) and i'm still motivated! at only 30 minutes a day, i feel like i have more than enough time to focus on my workout. Anytime i'm working out, it also motivates me to eat better! so here i go, the journey i feel i finally have some control over. 
I started with Insanity, and i really loved that too.. cause it KICKS your butt. I feel this 90 day program from Jillian Michaels will get me to a point to where i could do Insanity again or move on to more of her DVD's. 
why not the gym?- my gym is about 20 some minutes away. to get the motivation to go was the toughest! we put in a weight room with the spare tv and i have no excuses. especially working from home.. i don't tend to drive by it often. 
So here's my goal. 12 lbs to lose, getting buff of course! and having eating right come more naturally. i'm not terribly concerened with losing all 12 lbs as long as i feel great!  
are you struggling with staying consistent in your workout routine? find something you love, make sure it's easy to do or get to, and stay motivated! 
need a little more? Laura, a friend of mine has a wonderful blog i love to read to stay motivated! 
There are a ton of other blogs i follow but hers is a great place to start! 
a few things that have helped me lately! purchasing those vitamin gummies for adults. yes i said it. it helps me remember to take them everyday! and having weights close. no excuses working from home, and having the weight room just calling my name only feet away. 
What are some things that keep you motivated? maybe snacks you depend on? blogs you look to, and exercise routines that don't get old! i'd love to hear about your journey as i work through mine to get where i know i can get! 
next i'll cover ways to use your phone to help you keep track of calorie intake, burning, and what foods you're eating!