beauty photographs white sand beach- Sam

This woman. Strong with one of the best hearts When i think about her, i think of her fabulous bold laugh, determination, and her ability to be vulnerable. I can’t count how many times she visited me and we would laugh together and it soon turned into tears and i mean that in the most beautiful way. We didn’t get nearly enough time together when i lived there, but i still treasure each conversation we had. 

I was able to photograph her in this amazing yellow dress that fit her perfectly and loved this time as we’d stop photographing to dance and make ridiculous comments. 

Here’s a few of my favorites from her yellow dress in white sands beauty portrait session :) and a short 1 minute behind the scenes clip! 

white sand beach boudoir in dress
boudoir can be more than lingerie silhouette
gorgeous woman in yellow dress on white sands
beauty and boudoir photographer
close up at white sands
white sand beaches Destin photographer
Panama City beach photographer


Keep Shining

Shanna Star