White Sands New Mexico Beauty Portraits-Praneet

White Sands National Monument is 20 minutes from where I live in Alamogordo, New Mexico. What i love about it is no matter how many times i go whether it's by myself, with friends and family, or for a shoot; it always gives me a new feelings. I get completely different photographs and sessions with light and clouds. This beauty session was beyond fabulous and i had such a wonderful time with Praneet. It was her idea before she moved away to get a few photographs of herself. She picked the location and that gorgeous purple dress. the contrast was perfection. so ladies, i'm up for more here! 


She moves so naturally and beautifully, and the wind was just enough to pick up the dress and hair and the photograph below is probably a favorite of mine! how could it not be! she's gorgeous!


I'd LOVE to know your favorites from the session too, so don't forget to comment below and let me know which photos you like to see on the blog! 


Print did such an amazing job in front of the camera and gave me big beautiful smiles along with some serious looks that i adored! 

I've been asked before about getting portraits of yourself, and a lot of amazing people i photograph aren't doing this for someone else, it's for themselves. To look back and have a lovely portrait to share, to remember where they lived, to have around their home, and to share someday with loved ones. My house might be filled with more photographs than the average person, but it's not just family and friends, it's portraits of myself too. Boudoir that makes me feel beautiful and strong, fitness that shows a time in life where it is a huge passion of mine, and moments i want to capture and share. My mom has been sending me photographs of my grandparents lately as she thinks about how much she misses them. It hits me hard lately how important photographs really are and how much they can mean to people who love you. So what's stopping you from a beautiful photograph?



- Shanna Star