My 30th birthday in Destin Florida


One thing I truly wanted for my 30th birthday was you guessed it.. more photographs. With this year in a whirlwind I wouldn’t say I’m in the best shape I have been, or even feeling like my old crazy self but I knew it would be good for me. I was surprised with not only boudoir photos but friend photos for my birthday. And to top it off, I got my makeup done (which if you know me, I LOVE since I really don’t have much skill in that area)

These are a few favorites that Glenn took and his girlfriend Micki did the fabulous makeup on all the ladies. i’ll attach their Instagram handles at the end of this post, so go follow them! 

I'll also have another post of my favorites with all the ladies! 


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My 29th Birthday!

Today is my 29th birthday. My last year in my twenties! As I sat down to reflect on the last year and what i wanted to share with you, what I really realized I wanted to express what i learned is there's so much more I don't know and i'm only diving into books, knowledge, experiences, and who I am. Although I have been openly and unapologetically me for some time now. Girly pink crazy hair and maybe a crown one day, and lifting as much weight as I can grunting and yup smelling the next. It's a balancing act. It's career and hard work, personal growth, and family and friends. I still don't have it down by any means but i'm growing and learning daily. Figuring out what works and more often than not, what doesn't work. Friends who have been by my side for years, and new ones that quickly make their way into my heart.

I've always been a planner, and yet i'm learning to embrace I won't always know what's around the corner. It's scary but exciting. To go with my gut instinct and still aware it's in God's hands. I don't have to have every step for this year figured out, but for the first time i got a coach to help me in fitness, I found some women mentors I love, i'm ready to jump in and try my hardest and see where it takes me. 

I could tell you my personal easy to see on paper goals for this year, and i will always set them but instead I'll share some goals I think are just as important if not more so. Here's a few for this next year. To love myself even when I'm down, when my weight is up, when i'm not seeing progress and when i'm frustrated. To laugh and enjoy conversations, even when they seem inconvenient, take the time and soak up those words. To help people by laughing and loving and reaching out every opportunity that is given to me. To laugh loud and true. To make more time for friends and family and have those soulful conversations that build up one another and tear down walls between hearts. To encourage by my actions and making my actions as close to my words as I can. To love more, see more opportunities where the gifts i was given can be shared. To keep being myself and through negative words from any one else, know i'm exactly who i'm supposed to be, embrace all i have even more. To be courageous. To understand my worth. 

Why share this with you? Because i talk about tangible easy to gauge goals, and i believe in them, fiercely. And as I near the last year in my twenties, it's easy to get caught up in them and want to accomplish before 30 is here, but the most important things in life aren't things.. they're people. I don't want to forget that, I want to always put people and their hearts above the fleeting things we set our eyes on. So enjoy every moment and take a little time to know it's okay to take away from personal goals sometimes for the sake of hearts.  

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29, It feels good and i'm ready with open arms to welcome it. 

PSSST. more photos to come, while in Dallas my mom is having a fabulous party for me.Her over the top gorgeous party planning skills! 

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White Sands, New Mexico- Happy birthday to Connor!

An impromptu trip out to white sands with one of my favorite families here at Holloman! It was Connor's 1st birthday and it worked for all us to get some fabulous photos! i couldn't help but share a ton with you all, so many favorites! we were there for that perfect sunset too. yes!


oh my gosh. i couldn't get enough of his smiles and cuteness. and the shades and outfits! stud.


as you can tell, we only had a "little" fun mostly we were serious ;)


and of course, a little risky business ;)


what a lucky boy to have such a fantastic and gorgeous mama. Kim, i already don't know what i'd do without you! You've brought so much fun and laughter to my experience here! (she's the one that helped me with my slice of my pinky...very smooth on my part and shared my now favorite champagne. so uhhh yes. she's awesome. ) She's one always willing to help out, and always having a good time! plus seriously, she's a babe. let's be honest.


loved the balloons at white sands, perfect pops of color everywhere! 


some of my all time favorite photographs are when families have real moments together. i adore the laughter and fun, just being them! Also they're super cute, Mike was trying to get Connor to giggle more which is how right above this text (bottom right) happened.  


My move here to Holloman was kinda scary, middle of nowhere New Mexico. It's been truly wonderful families like this one that helped me already love my time here. It hasn't even been a year and already we found amazing friends to hang with, go on trips with or maybe even a little roof stomp action. Chewies, you've been a HUGE part of that. i'm so thankful for you and can't wait for more adventures!

Kim you had some perfect ideas for family/Connor's birthday shoot and i'm so happy we were able to get out there! you all did perfectly with huge smiles and ready for more photos even when i kept saying i was done.. but that sunset! i couldn't resist. 

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