Panama City Beach Fitness Photoshoot

Be Fearlessly Authentic.

Where do I even begin talking about our fabulous PCB fitness and boudoir photoshoot? This woman is fierce. she knows exactly who she is, what she wants, and isn't afraid to go after it. She is about to launch some amazing things, and I'm so proud of her already! she runs a nutrition company and kicks butt. Her nutrition company uses local vendors and works closely with the clients to give their body exactly what it needs to start healing. I agree with her completely how much a good diet (not saying don't have that burger.. but a good balance) can heal more than we even know. 

She brought some fun outfits for our beach shoot, and every one was perfect! I also can't wait to tell you about Stacy Alderson (makeup and hair extraordinaire) couldn't have done it without her, she helped the entire shoot and went way above what I expected, and I think all three of our sarcastic comments made for such a fun night together. You should definitely follow both of the fabulous women I had the opportunity of working with, I'll leave their social media links below the last photo! can't wait till I can work with them again! 

here's a few faves ;) 

" May my heart be brave, my mind fierce, and my spirit free."

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Ladies, a gentle reminder about boudoir and beach photos. yes this woman is absolutely stunning, there's no denying it. But I believe EVERY woman is beautiful, with her story, and who she is to her core. So if you're not sure if you should get the session, I encourage you to try it out. I'm there to make you feel great and show off the assets you love and hopefully with a lot of laughter, maybe some tears, and heart to heart- just heal some small parts and see you as the fabulous woman you are. 


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White Marble Top: Buff Bunny Collection

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Pier Park Panama city beach- Tionna

I'm still new to Panama City Beach, but more than loved the foggy morning we had for our beach shoot! 

I keep coming back to these quotes after photographing women on the beach. They're about being wild and free, brave and good. How we as women can be all of these at once. we all feel free in different places. I feel serenity and peace yet wild and messy and strong at the beach. I'm learning what I looks like to be free and know exactly who I am down to the core, every day learning more. Embracing all of that wonderful wild we have as women, and how it's vastly different than men's wild. I love it. You might not know where your wild went, but it's those urges you have and gave into as a little girl. Running on the beach, diving head first into a project that might not come out how you envision, owning that messy bun and feeling beautiful any way, photographs to show off a side you tend to keep locked up. For me, I have those wild urges and often. I jump on the bed in spurts, randomly run circles around people at the beach, let my hair be as crazy as it can be, chase far off dreams and never being ashamed of it. I wear the most obnoxious sunglasses I can find, and sing as loudly as I can with loved ones. I'm not saying be just crazy, don't be mature when you need to be, and don't take responsibility, but I am saying what happened to make us stop doing the things that filled our hearts a little? Before we felt we had to act a certain way, and be someone we never thought we would have to be. I always want to be a woman with class, but I also want to be one that is happy and never takes for granted a moment in this beautiful life.  Take time for spurts of pure joy and embrace your wild and free and unapologetically yourself. 

the more I feel connected with all that I am, the more in comes out in my photography, something more well.. wild.. Tionna was absolutely lovely to work with. She was up for any ideas, and even put up with the waves that harshly crashed into her. she did amazing and I hope we can work together in the future. Here's a few wild and free photos. and Tionna's instagram link is below, so don't forget to follow her! 

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Destin fitness and boudoir photos on the beach with Elena

Boudoir in the ocean.

I had the opportunity to work with Elena (one of the two davista photography brand ambassadors!)  not only on the Destin Beach, but IN the water. The Florida ocean and sunset couldn't have been more perfect for her session, although I have to learn to stop wearing jeans to sessions now, as I always get in the water and this time I wore white jeans. real smart.  We'll be working together a couple more times coming up, as she'll be doing her first bikini competition this Spring! you can follow her on Instagram, I'll leave her link below. 

love getting in the water boudoir portraits! 

love getting in the water boudoir portraits! 

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Confidence- why it's important

I recently started writing a blog about why confidence and self worth are really so important. i find myself constantly drawn to books, quotes, and trying to encourage other women on the subject. While writing last week i thought the root of the reason was my experiences. Negative and positive ones i’ve had that shaped who i am. Those still are a few of the reasons but i delayed posting it. Then a new situation where I consistently heard young men speak about women so negatively happened .  it left me in complete shock and for the first few minutes i couldn’t even speak. and if you know me, you know that’s unlike me. i tend to snap back and get a little lippy. Mouthy for lack of a better term. 

From a young age it’s instilled in someway or another what a woman looks like. We’re taught to be the nice girl, not necessarily speaking out and having a voice but quietly working hard as the boys without ever seeming too confident. Because although we ask women to be confident, as soon as they are, we quiet them down.. telling them it’s too much. We’re taught what humility looks like which normally for women is a response back of “no” to any compliment received. I could go on a tangent about that, but it’s not humility to shut down a compliment. It’s just rude. 

what confidence is

But here’s why it’s important beyond our life experiences both good and bad. Because a foundation that’s built on someone else’s approval will fail you. We’re human and even with the best intentions, we’ll be let down. If it’s built on God (another topic for another day) and finding out who we are alone, the foundation will be strong. I wrote a blog recently how I’m starting from scratch with my foundation again at 30. It’s not easy, it’s definitely not fun, and it’s taking a lot longer then I would like. But I feel a different strength within me, and whether I’m reading, lifting, or taking care of myself in any way.. it’s for me. To better myself. It’s not for the approval of anyone else. 

When i heard these men speaking about women in a way they NEVER speak about men (which is women and their bodies, what they need to fix with surgery and how beauty somehow relates to success for women but oddly enough not brought up when men’s success is the conversation) my heart broke. then i got furious. What came next.. one of these men TOLD the woman about her weight gain. i’m still so beyond words about that i could rage all day. but bottom line. we need self confidence for us. so when these incorrect and ignorant comments are made, we know who we are. so we can stand up for ourselves, leave the conversation and never think about the arrogant comments and to love ourselves even if we gain a few lbs. because the few extra lbs i carry, well that “man’s” opinion doesn’t matter especially as it spilled out of his entitled mouth to tell a woman his feelings on her weight. and so we can correct the behavior or at least try immediately. 

So i’m sorry to the women who have time and again experienced this behavior from male “friends.” It’s not a friend or his right to ever have an opinion on your weight. The few close male friends i’ve had have never spoken to me with such disrespect even at my worst. even when i did gain weight, because they valued my heart and who i was as a person. These men tend to be the same ones to mansplain and talk down to women and then think telling you about “flaws” is helpful. Im going to be honest, the one time an ex-BF told me i gained weight and compared me to another woman… just made me want to gain more weight. women tend to not be encouraged with negative comments, and any man reading i highly suggest the next time you want to “help” her by telling her the flaws you see… shut your mouth. anything you view as a flaw has already been thought about by her for years and years, we’re already beating ourselves up about it. we don’t need your help. It will only be words that sting, stay with her, hurt her, and damage her self confidence. If a woman is changing physically because of some personal situations, ignore the weight, ask about her life. show you care about what's going on with her, not her weight.

I'm not trying to man-hate. I think there are some truly incredible men and definitely some in my life whom I cherish and am so thankful for. But I speak about women a lot, and don't always touch on the subject of men in our life that have an affect on us. Just as there are hurtful women, there are men that hurt us too.  it was almost as if I was shielded from hearing these conversations until recently and couldn't believe how in depth they were about women and what should be "fixed." 

self-confidence may be found sexy by your significant other, you may get enough courage to ask for a raise, to do the thing you’re scared to do, to meet new people, go on adventures alone, and so much more. But it’s really for you. At the end of the day for you to like who you are, and be able to reject and forget about any negative thing someone said about you. Do you like you? That’s what matters, brings happiness, draws out joy in others, and can even quiet your inner critic. oh and ladies, stop rejecting compliments, but definitely reject any negative words.