5 reasons Why you should hire a photographer for your bachelorette party!

What's one of the best surprise gifts you can give to your best friend for her bachelorette party in Destin or Panama City Beach? A professional photoshoot to capture the weekend orrr at least part of it ;)

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1- It's a huge trend right now to hire a photographer for your girls trip not only as a gift for the bride to be but also a way to showcase your weekend, so you can put your phone down and enjoy the moments. and still have it captured with fabulous photos. Don't worry you can still take those selfies, I'll understand ;) 

2-Everyone wants photos with your friends and since you’re all there and in party mode it’s the perfect time! 

3- It's a great way to celebrate with your girls!-On the beach, in your beach house, on a boat, or on the town dressed up!

4- A perfect gift for after the trip... surprise the bride with an album or framed photo! 

5-Memories are the best souvenir

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