Destin Florida Engagement photos on the beach

Every time I lift up my camera, I get to see into peoples’ hearts. I get to witness love that is being demonstrated. Whether it’s for a significant other, a child, parent, or self. The small glances at a loved one, a sparkle when they feel confident, hard laughs that bring tears, passionate kisses. It may be one of the best reasons to photograph people. The real emotion. I came across this quote, “love talked about is easily ignored, but love demonstrated is irresistible.” Maybe that’s why I feel so connected to the people I get to photograph. I get to see demonstrated love. I hope you can see the emotions and feel it too. This couple had more than a few of those perfect moments shared. Countless glances, hard laughs, and kisses. I’m so glad I can continually see love through other people and as much as I want to encourage you all, I am being encouraged with every photograph I take.

Here’s just a few from the engagement photoshoot at the Okaloosa pier, in Destin Florida. Congratulations Phil and Jessica! #pbandj 

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