You make oceans from the rain

you make oceans from the rain personal blog post

I read this in my journal last night. “In life there must be rain.” It made me do two things. 1- i skimmed back through my journal and could literally see the rain and sun in the phases of the last two years. What stood out in books, things i thought, and even how my handwriting changes when i’m down and when i’m full of joy. And 2- it made me think of a song that was a favorite of mine for years. “You make oceans from the rain.” I have had seemingly a lot of rainy days not just scattered in like years before but months of rain. As i think it clears i hit another big storm and try as i might, i can’t seem to find my grip again. Then, that sentence. in life there must be rain. Does it help us enjoy the sun, maybe it molds and makes us stronger, gives us experience and wisdom, or maybe it just shows our true character. 

There must be rain, but when i put it with the song lyrics.. you make oceans from the rain, i can almost feel that though i don’t believe everything happens for a reason, it can be made into something much bigger and more powerful and beautiful than we could’ve imagined while the rain was pouring down. 

As i write this with tears trickling down, i haven’t seen what’s being made with the rain in my life, but i pray it will be unveiled soon. until then, i’m working every day though the rain, though i slip, i can’t see, and times seems impossible, i know something good is bound to be made of it all, even if it’s me being made.


Keep Shining

Shanna Star

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