Beach boudoir- more than just lingerie

Glamour. Boudoir. Beauty. The first thing people think of is lingerie. Don't get me wrong, lingerie and implied nudes are absolutely beautiful (and so much fun!), but it's not the only thing you can wear to a shoot to feel sexy. This fabulous woman brought with tons of outfits but we decided on this gorgeous white dress and it was perfect for her outdoor beach boudoir shoot. 

So if you want to feel sexy, maybe be able to post more of the photographs, think about what YOU feel sexy, strong, and confident in and then let's set up a boudoir session! Life is short. Do the photoshoot.  

This session was so much fun! Her husband came with too, and of course we got a few of the two of them. you can view those here. She was such an awesome sport, getting all the way in the water and up for any idea! I love photographing both of them! beautiful souls. 

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Keep Shining

Shanna Star