Sunset Couples portraits- Celebrating two years married!

We met at a little lake beach in Minnesota just before sunset, and I was beyond excited about working with this gorgeous couple! I loved that they trusted my vision and let it become a little couples boudoir session. 

I knew they'd be perfect for the poses I wanted to try out. In all of their posts I see (yeah I stalk people too) they're completely mad about one another and best friends, with the added bonus of it being so close to their anniversary, it was perfect timing! 

You'll see most of my favorites are the serious ones, those almost kisses and passionate moments, but the whole evening was lots of laughing and figuring out the best way to do each pose, it was a blast! So here's (more than a) few of beautiful moments between Caleb and Brittany. It's couples like these, where I fall in love with my job even more; When you get a glimpse into a beautiful kind of love. 

So keep up all the kissing, and teasing, playing and making one another a priority. Lots of adventures around the world, and lots of laughing. Happy Anniversary! 

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Although it was one of my favorite sessions, I need to remember two things 1- I shouldn't wear jeans to shoot in the water and 2- if I do, I probably should remember a towel and extra clothes. Totally worth it though, it was a wonderful evening laughing with these two! 

Thank you again for putting up with my crazy ideas and the extra idea of it being mostly in the lake! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star