Pier Park Panama city beach- Tionna

I'm still new to Panama City Beach, but more than loved the foggy morning we had for our beach shoot! 

I keep coming back to these quotes after photographing women on the beach. They're about being wild and free, brave and good. How we as women can be all of these at once. we all feel free in different places. I feel serenity and peace yet wild and messy and strong at the beach. I'm learning what I looks like to be free and know exactly who I am down to the core, every day learning more. Embracing all of that wonderful wild we have as women, and how it's vastly different than men's wild. I love it. You might not know where your wild went, but it's those urges you have and gave into as a little girl. Running on the beach, diving head first into a project that might not come out how you envision, owning that messy bun and feeling beautiful any way, photographs to show off a side you tend to keep locked up. For me, I have those wild urges and often. I jump on the bed in spurts, randomly run circles around people at the beach, let my hair be as crazy as it can be, chase far off dreams and never being ashamed of it. I wear the most obnoxious sunglasses I can find, and sing as loudly as I can with loved ones. I'm not saying be just crazy, don't be mature when you need to be, and don't take responsibility, but I am saying what happened to make us stop doing the things that filled our hearts a little? Before we felt we had to act a certain way, and be someone we never thought we would have to be. I always want to be a woman with class, but I also want to be one that is happy and never takes for granted a moment in this beautiful life.  Take time for spurts of pure joy and embrace your wild and free and unapologetically yourself. 

the more I feel connected with all that I am, the more in comes out in my photography, something more well.. wild.. Tionna was absolutely lovely to work with. She was up for any ideas, and even put up with the waves that harshly crashed into her. she did amazing and I hope we can work together in the future. Here's a few wild and free photos. and Tionna's instagram link is below, so don't forget to follow her! 

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Panama City beach photography



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white sands beach boudoir- empowering women

Each time i photograph a woman, i learn something deeper about myself, who i was, and who i want to be. Boudoir photography is much more than just giving sexy prints to your significant other. (although what a great way to surprise him too!) It can empower the way you think about yourself. it might be a fleeting moment with some evidence of your session, but it’s about connecting and many times talking through hurts, obstacles, and how you overcame something in your life. I know for myself, i look back and think about how i felt in that moment and it continues to give me a boost of self-confidence, where in my mind i knew i was brilliant, strong, and beautiful. And i can hold onto that session forever. 

2017 i had two sessions of myself and did i mention ladies i definitely wasn’t at my “ideal” weight whatever that means. i was me. i was going though hardship and more than anything my mental health was more important than getting to the gym as consistently. i did it because i knew i would look back and appreciate where i was then, where i am now, and some things i overcame along the way. 

I remember this session with Ms. M perfectly. we drove together out to the dunes to do beach boudoir and before that day, we had met once. but instantly we started talking about our self-image, relationships, hardships, and encouraging one another. I love those conversations. Ones where you jump into the good stuff and share and get off your chest the things you heart and mind wander about. Things that soon lead to deep breaths and letting go of a few things you knew you were carrying around. 

These are just a few of my favorite images from her session. She’s a fabulous, strong, beautiful woman and i’m so thankful to have spent time with her. Though i think she should come visit here in Panama City Beach :) 


Panama City beach boudoir photographer
Panama City beach photographer
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Makeup by Audrey Hernandez of Serenity Day Spa in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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Beach Boudoir photography- with Annie

A entire girls weekend filled with a boudoir session, parade and fair, shopping, beach time, and a few drinks while catching up and watching Grace and Frankie? Uhh yes please. Annie drove (a LONG way) for her session, and it was a fabulous weekend. For anyone thinking “Shanna moved to Florida, I’d love a session there but..” stop. No buts. I mean I will photograph your butt at its best angle. If you come and visit, (oh and I know you) you have not only an unbelievably beautiful location for your session, but a place to stay and adventures to be had. Why not make a trip or weekend out of your session. A little pampering is good for you.

We decided to do two locations for her session. The first started in studio and we ended up at a beach down the road from my house. This was before I moved, so we were in Virginia. She killed it for the camera and I had a blast with her. 

Here’s a few favorites!

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destin Florida beach boudoir photographer
destin Florida boudoir photographer
Panama City beach boudoir
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Trash the Dress Navarre Beach, Florida- Dan & Lindsey

Dan and Lindsey were married on Navarre Beach, Florida and i shared their gorgeous wedding. If you missed it, click here to read all about their big day. 

Two days after, we got together for a trash the dress shoot. Lindsey decided to purchase a separate dress just for the fun occasion and i LOVED what she chose. So ladies, if you want to do something like this but don’t want to get your actual wedding dress dirty, you can always decide to pick up another dress!

A reason many couples opt for a day after or trash the dress session is because as wonderful as the day of your wedding is, it can go so fast and it can be tough to fit in alone time with your new spouse! This is the perfect way to get photos to hang on the wall, spend some time together and get those romantic portraits maybe you couldn’t before and also let's us get a little more creative since we're not as concerned with getting the dress wet, dirty, or messing up the makeup for later in the day. So no, you don't have to actually trash it! just a fun term to wear it again!  

trash the wedding dress in the ocean photoshoot
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Navarre Beach Florida in the ocean trash the dress

A couple tips if you're wanting to do a trash the dress photoshoot!

1- Brides often do wear their actual wedding dress, knowing they have planned already to get it professionally cleaned from the big day.

2-Do the dresses actually get trashed?- Often, no. Unless the intention is to trash it (like paint or mud) but brides often don't realize that many weddings aside from beach weddings.. their dresses get black with dirt so often the water will help wash a little away! 

3-Timeline- 1-2 days after the wedding and you're rested! It's before you get them professionally cleaned or boxed. Although many bring them back out after a fitness journey, a big anniversary or because they decided it finally was for them.

4-few extra-- 

-bring your sass and adventure!  lots of kissing your spouse, and don't be afraid to show your personality! 

-The best times for trash the dress are right after sunrise or right before sunset

-think about the outfits. men if you wear a white shirt, don't wear an under shirt, and watch the crazy boxers/briefs. They can show through. 

-Fun chunky jewelry. if you used more traditional jewelry, now is a great time to use something more colorful! 



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Navarre Beach, Florida Wedding- Dan & Lindsey

I’ve known Lindsey for almost 10 years (one of my first college roommates), so when she asked me to photograph her and Dan's destination Navarre Beach Wedding i couldn’t wait to be a part of it and also fully prepared to cry. 

They stayed in the most beautiful home the owners sometimes call “the wedding house”  the Sandcastle by the Sea, sleeps 23 people and 4 floors.. don’t worry there is an elevator. ;) just over the road is the ocean where they had their ceremony right next to the water. perfection. 

a warm overcast Florida day, her grandparents were the ring bearer and flower girl, family sang and played guitar and her mom and step-dad gave her away. They all pitched in to make their day extra special. 

I was welcomed by their close friends and family in my few days with them,  and was able to see a bigger glimpse of the bride and groom together. I have been lucky enough to meet Dan a few times before, but knowing Lindsey for so long of course i love to just watch how they love. (i love love.. if i haven’t mentioned that lately) so i watched as they interacted, spoke to one another and what a good sport he was for getting his photograph taken all day their wedding day… and then for the trash the dress session. I knew he was going to take good care of her and not just appreciate but adore all of the things that make her unique. They truly cherish those things about one another.  

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mom and bride walking down the aisle on beach
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DIY floral bouquet for outdoor reception
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he's her lobster wedding cake topper
sandy toes and salty kisses to the happy to be mr and mrs
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adorable dessert table with love and decorated cupcakes
first dance navarre beach florida

I feel so honored to be able to capture their lovely day along with David Youso, who was their videographer. As much as i know they would’ve loved many more friends and family there, an intimate ceremony on one of her favorite beaches seemed fitting and absolutely lovely. 

Congratulations Dan and Lindsey. Not only am i glad i could be there to support you and see your commitment to one another. I’m so glad to get to know your families a little better and spend time with you both. I love you Lindsey. Will be praying for your marriage together! 


Keep Shining 

-Shanna Star

*** If you are friends and family of the bride and groom and are interested in purchasing and viewing images from their wedding day or even purchasing prints for the couple, you can click THIS LINK and the photos will be delivered right to your home!