Trash the Dress Navarre Beach, Florida- Dan & Lindsey

Dan and Lindsey were married on Navarre Beach, Florida and i shared their gorgeous wedding. If you missed it, click here to read all about their big day. 

Two days after, we got together for a trash the dress shoot. Lindsey decided to purchase a separate dress just for the fun occasion and i LOVED what she chose. So ladies, if you want to do something like this but don’t want to get your actual wedding dress dirty, you can always decide to pick up another dress!

A reason many couples opt for a day after or trash the dress session is because as wonderful as the day of your wedding is, it can go so fast and it can be tough to fit in alone time with your new spouse! This is the perfect way to get photos to hang on the wall, spend some time together and get those romantic portraits maybe you couldn’t before and also let's us get a little more creative since we're not as concerned with getting the dress wet, dirty, or messing up the makeup for later in the day. So no, you don't have to actually trash it! just a fun term to wear it again!  

trash the wedding dress in the ocean photoshoot
beautiful day after the wedding session couples romantic poses
gorgeous navarre wedding couple
ocean photoshoot with a couple a day after their wedding
trash the dress shoot with bride and groom
navarre beach florida ocean photos with couple
sexy trash the wedding dress photography on the beach
Navarre Beach Florida in the ocean trash the dress

A couple tips if you're wanting to do a trash the dress photoshoot!

1- Brides often do wear their actual wedding dress, knowing they have planned already to get it professionally cleaned from the big day.

2-Do the dresses actually get trashed?- Often, no. Unless the intention is to trash it (like paint or mud) but brides often don't realize that many weddings aside from beach weddings.. their dresses get black with dirt so often the water will help wash a little away! 

3-Timeline- 1-2 days after the wedding and you're rested! It's before you get them professionally cleaned or boxed. Although many bring them back out after a fitness journey, a big anniversary or because they decided it finally was for them.

4-few extra-- 

-bring your sass and adventure!  lots of kissing your spouse, and don't be afraid to show your personality! 

-The best times for trash the dress are right after sunrise or right before sunset

-think about the outfits. men if you wear a white shirt, don't wear an under shirt, and watch the crazy boxers/briefs. They can show through. 

-Fun chunky jewelry. if you used more traditional jewelry, now is a great time to use something more colorful! 



Keep Shining

-Shanna Star