San Diego, California Windansea beach- Beauty portraits

Honestly i wouldn't even need to say anything about this amazing beauty session in Southern California, but i tend to talk too much. I've been wanting to photograph Katie for a while, and when i saw she moved, i was SO excited since i was heading there and be able to meet up again! she knew the area and suggested a beach in La Jolla called Windansea, and it was perfect. we found a small cove between some huge rocks and had a blast together! 

She came so prepared with tons of fabulous outfits and up for anything! near the end she even volunteered to get more in the chilly water, and a few big waves came in and she was such a great sport! she's even allowing a few more risqué ones to be shared later too! i had trouble just picking a few favorites soo here's a ton! now which ones to print for my office! is all too much? 


i'm pretty sure i'm just going to move here like next year ;) i could photograph the ocean everyday! (as long as i get some gorgeous models like katie!) so if you live there... i'm MORE than willing to visit! 


ahh!! smiles, giggles.. i couldn't help but snap way too many!


this location was breath-taking. we climbed over some rocks and definitely looked ridiculous with all our gear until we happened upon this spot. it was mostly hidden, and we felt pretty secluded, only a few people came through while we were shooting. 


i'm usually pretty bossy when it comes to posing, but she kept doing the most beautiful poses and cute moves. the one above on the right was all her! 


Have i mentioned lately that beauty shoots are some of my favorites? it's still true. i get to spend quality time with women who get to be reminded in a new way how lovely they are, inside and out. 


i couldn't believe it. yes this is real. these HUGE waves came in and she got soaked. she did AMAZING staying gorgeous even when this cold water hit her. it started out just a beauty shoot, but it was so much more. i loved our time together, chatting, and of course laughing a TON. 


i'm pretty sure Katie should model, all the time. She did even better than i imagined, and in every image.. completely photogenic. to be honest, she's intimidatingly beautiful. she rocked this shoot. 


i could keep looking at these! some of my absolute favorites as of late.i'm sorry, but cali just has my heart. and i don't think working should be this much fun. can i go back yet? 

Justin- thanks for letting me steal away your wife for the night. i hope you enjoy the images too! she's truly amazing, positive spirit, funny, smart, and absolutely stunning. 

Katie- no matter if you're serious, smiling, or laughing, you are beautiful. i'm so glad we got to spend some time together adventuring through huge rocks, and running after anything that fell in the water. you were so much fun, and next time i visit, i call another shoot! and maybe a girls night too :) enjoy looking at how fabulous you are! 

if you love this scenery, i'm going to be selling landscapes (not these sorry!) of cali soon. if you're interested, stay tuned and let me know! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! and don't forget to leave Katie some love! comment below! 

Shanna Star