Davista Photography 3 year Blogiversary!

December 2nd is Davista Photography's Blogiversary, and it's been 3 years already! i've been beyond blessed to be able to photograph and spend time with such fabulous people and i want to thank YOU with another.... GIVEAWAY! i wouldn't be able to do what i love everyday if it wasn't for all of you! This time to celebrate the blogiversary, i'm giving away pink macaroons! yummy! (also an extra surprise gift!)

First, before i tell you how to are THREE random things about me you might not know. even if you read my blog posts ;)

1- I'm missing a set of ribs. no reason. just wasn't born with them. i also broke two from coughing.

2-i did an "acting" gig in las vegas once for a television show. just an extra. but it was a ton of fun! and i knew one of the other women there! i also recently photographed her.

3-i'm extremely competitive. okay, some of you might know that. but brandon and i can longer play monopoly or the new super mario bros. together. 

How to enter!:

1-"Like" Davista Photography on Facebook

2- sign up for the monthly newsletter  (click "monthly newsletter" and i will bring you right to the sign up form)

3- comment below what tradition you most look forward to during the Christmas season, and also include in your comment something you're proud of yourself for as of lately.   

4*- bonus point!- share davista photography page on your fb, and tell them about the giveaway too! 

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3 year blogiversary

The contest runs from December 2nd to 11:59 pm on dec 12th 2014. so sign up quick! All in the U.S are eligible to sign up, i can ship the gifts to you! Gifts are not exchangeable for money or other other items for purchase.