Beautiful Minnesota Farm engagement- Josh & Brooke

i have to admit this remains one of my absolute favorite spots around my home town in Minnesota. The first time i used it was for engagement photos a few years ago! and since there isn't a ton of grass where i live... i just want to roll in it. i don't though. usually. 

 I went to high school with Josh and met his gorgeous fiancé a few years ago too! it was an absolute blast taking their photos. I always enjoy seeing how couples interact. the little glances they make, the way they show love to one another. i made sure to tell them how evident their love for one another is! they're absolutely crazy for each other and not only that.. they're best friends. yup. i love love. 


It's definitely not hard snapping photos when they're a stunning couple. Brooke is gorgeous, full of joy, has so much fun with josh and always laughing! 


those blue eyes! it was such a wonderful session! i think Josh didn't mind it either ;) 


i don't know what was said, but the photo above are their real smiles/laughs. beautiful. 


i have to admit that not only do i love to be around couples just to photograph them, but i love when those relationships grow! a few months after our photos, i was back in Minnesota. Brooke was able to stop by and we got to talking. those kind of moments are why i do what i do. i'm here after the photos are printed and on the walls. I'm here to chat and to remind you once again all the wonderful qualities i see in you. so Brooke, i'm so glad we were able to talk! and i'm so happy you found one another! 

thank you for thinking of me, and letting me photograph your engagement! Congratulations love birds! 

don't forget to leave these two some love and comment below! also..can't wait to see that green grass again! have a happy thursday! 


-Shanna Star