i struggle too. i promise.

I struggle. I struggle with self-doubt, with wondering how to keep building a successful business, whether i have what it takes, that my photography skills are good enough, how to stay strong with motivation, how to overcome negative thoughts, whether i'm doing a good job at being an entrepreneur, and i struggle with negative thoughts about my body. i struggle with love, am i loved, am i lovable, do i have a balanced life. i struggle just as much as you. i promise. 

but i surround myself with encouraging people who love me and build me up, with books, articles, music, family, prayer. i practice telling myself and thinking mostly positive thoughts. because it does take practice to be positive. on days i feel more confident i make sure to stand in front of the mirror and tell myself what i like. i don't stand in front of the mirror when i have negative days, i don't want to dwell on those moments. not caring what people think if they've been negative influences in your life. i'm always a work in progress, but i've come a long ways. i know and see what is important and i believe in myself. 

i want to help you feel more confident, with photographs, words, and love. i want to show you, you can be confident and feel good about yourself, but i felt i don't always tell you that i struggle too, because of course i do. It's just as real as my confidence, and i have moments, days where i feel stuck. That's how i know that you can overcome those too. i'm definitely not 100% positivity but it's what i try and practice daily. i wanted to be real with you today. That i try and show a confident woman because i am one! but just like you, that's not always the case. i struggle too. so that's why i am here. yes i can photograph you and make you feel beautiful, but i want to be around you so we can build one another up and build those friendships that are oh so important. girlfriends. i believe women should encourage one another and be proud of their accomplishments. i've been beyond blessed with a best friend who has always done this for me, a mom, and new friends as i move. those kinds of women are all over, i promise. 

So thank you for the many women in my life who have and continue to support and bless me with beautiful words that lift me up. It's because of you i have extraordinary days where i feel strong, powerful, and motivated. 

If you're needing a little love, i may not know you inside and out, but i'm here anytime. i mean that. email me, text me, message me. i'll tell you the wonderful woman i see. 

so i struggle too.. just like you, let's help build one another up because you are beautiful, and you are enough. 

-Shanna Star