Studio Glamour Portraits with Jessica and her puppy muffin too!

I couldn't wait for this beauty shoot! it's one of the first full shoots on my studio with all my added back-drops and girly dresses around :) 

I'm so blessed to have this gorgeous woman as my neighbor, and since she's a puppy-mama too it was a great opportunity to snap some with her pup, Muffin. adorable. 

i always have music on, and goodness i'm noticing how much i dance in-between, so for a few laughs i kept in those sweet moves for you to see. Our close friend, Erika joined us and helped out SO much (and of course with dancing too) so here's a few of my favorites from the day! 


let's be honest, Jessica is already beautiful, but before the shoot, we met at the salon in town and got her makeup done. i think it turned out so great! ahh!! it always makes me want to get my makeup done.. for no reason. always a fun little way to pamper yourself! 

womens-photography-new-mexico- jessica

if you follow me on Facebook or instagram, you might have seen a few of these images, included is the one above. i wanted to add something a little more fantasy-like. Erika helped out in this shot by throwing up the dress.. also in the video! a lot more editing went into this one. if you're curious, it's actually a combined photograph of a couple shots to get all the fluffy throwing dress :) Photographers are sneaky like that. 


it was my first time photographing Jessica, and it was a BLAST. she's a complete sweetheart and always has a huge smile on her face but in-between the laughs we got some serious looks. i love them, show off those baby blues! 


and here's her little puppy muffin (who murphy is obsessed with. he wants her as a gf. she's playing hard to get i think ;) and if you look closely, muffin has on some rain boots too. what a sport! 


i think these with little muffin pup are absolutely adorable. i can't get enough, and those outfits! of course i had her do some silly poses because it's her baby! i ended up liking those because of the laugh Jessica had. 


There are always so many reasons why i enjoy shooting Beauty/Glamour. i love already confident women feeling even a little more beautiful, spending time with them, and just having a fabulous girly day! at the end, having a few photographs to keep and think back to those moments with friends. 

don't forget to comment below, and keep encouraging Jessica! she's fabulous! 

Jessica- i knew you had a big heart from day one, and Erika always speaks such beautiful things about you and your character. i'm so glad i was able to photograph you and what perfect outfits you had to bring over! you're truly lovely inside and out and seriously.. those eyes. :) love having you as a neighbor. time for a puppy play date! 


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