Pier Park Panama city beach- Tionna

I'm still new to Panama City Beach, but more than loved the foggy morning we had for our beach shoot! 

I keep coming back to these quotes after photographing women on the beach. They're about being wild and free, brave and good. How we as women can be all of these at once. we all feel free in different places. I feel serenity and peace yet wild and messy and strong at the beach. I'm learning what I looks like to be free and know exactly who I am down to the core, every day learning more. Embracing all of that wonderful wild we have as women, and how it's vastly different than men's wild. I love it. You might not know where your wild went, but it's those urges you have and gave into as a little girl. Running on the beach, diving head first into a project that might not come out how you envision, owning that messy bun and feeling beautiful any way, photographs to show off a side you tend to keep locked up. For me, I have those wild urges and often. I jump on the bed in spurts, randomly run circles around people at the beach, let my hair be as crazy as it can be, chase far off dreams and never being ashamed of it. I wear the most obnoxious sunglasses I can find, and sing as loudly as I can with loved ones. I'm not saying be just crazy, don't be mature when you need to be, and don't take responsibility, but I am saying what happened to make us stop doing the things that filled our hearts a little? Before we felt we had to act a certain way, and be someone we never thought we would have to be. I always want to be a woman with class, but I also want to be one that is happy and never takes for granted a moment in this beautiful life.  Take time for spurts of pure joy and embrace your wild and free and unapologetically yourself. 

the more I feel connected with all that I am, the more in comes out in my photography, something more well.. wild.. Tionna was absolutely lovely to work with. She was up for any ideas, and even put up with the waves that harshly crashed into her. she did amazing and I hope we can work together in the future. Here's a few wild and free photos. and Tionna's instagram link is below, so don't forget to follow her! 

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